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The first time ever I heard the word induction was in my high school . Some Michael Faraday magnetic induction motor magnetics stuff in the physics had the mention. I liked the chapter , I understood the concept , I fared well.

Later , when I got an offer from an MNC . Before I got trained in my first job I had to undergo a two-day workshop , called Induction.My school topper was utterly surprised to see me there, have an offer like hers. The conversation went awkward like this: ” I got placed on campus , well did u give an interview ah .. the one with a technical round and all .. umm??? 

I replied , “yes .. ”  . I had no idea why she would ask a question like that, only she looked more puzzled than I was , to see me there. Nothing to blame her , I know how I gave my exams with the  Hakunah Matata attitude. But how I surprised an old friend with such rewarding results ,made my induction days very memorable .

Now Induction is a word I relate to delivering a baby. I was browsing for some pregnancy tips site and learnt that most people exploit Induction techniques  for trivial reasons.Neither the Doctor nor the patients actually wait for the baby’s arrival instead they schedule the baby’s birthday in most cases. I was expecting the baby  at least 10 days before the due date, during my supposedly last check-up before delivery. But I sensed no false labor or other indications for the delivery to happen until just 1 day to go. As per norms , I had my induction planned on my due date if I don’t get into labor before.This time I had the choice of an Epidural , which I heard could delay the natural labor to a greater extent when taken along with the inducer. I told my doctor that I wanted to wait for at least one day after my due date and postponed the induction by 2 days much to my excitement . My doctor was proud of me, hugged me after my delivery. She appreciated my decision , “After all you let the baby arrive when he wanted to .. That’s very good !  ” .  I understood Induction ,saved much time and effort of the doctor and mine.  Fared well 🙂


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Riotous report !

http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-technology/20091021/US.TEC.Why.Windows.7_/ is the report I m talking about..Check out the  Excerpts for yourself: 

//Microsoft’s official rationale is that “7” is the seventh version of Windows. It gets there by counting up from Windows NT 4.0, skipping Windows 98 and counting both XP and 2000 as No. 5. Vista was No. 6//

//If you’re going to jump on the number train, seven is a good place to do it. The number has mostly positive connotations, if you exclude the “Seven Deadly Sins,” //

Adds to the age old confusion why people hate Aishwarya Rai and Bill gates.

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Why I dont like reading..

Reading isolates me from my family .
Kills time like hell .
Never lets me play around with anyone when m only half done with a book.

Takes me to a new world , where I imagine placing myself into facing problems that are far fetched.

Thinking of such imaginary problems makes me sound like an idiot to everyone around me whose under the impression that m much relaxed , whiling away time when I read a book.

When the attitude of the book writer sucks , after all the hype u see that the book seems to bear, it takes me ages to seek another book.

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For more than one reason , I find WordPress fascinating. Well , I m not married to blogger , anyway. But I dont like the idea of tagging my blogger followers all the way to wordpress . Sometimes , a comment from readers serves to boost my interest in blogging, hence I dont get too many readers, kinda deadlock but who cares, I blog anyway.

Idlemind , yet lethargic and so another blog ,to top it all , cant update it once a month 😮

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Classic comedy

I happen to watch the orchestra scene from ” the world of Henry Orient”, and the pub scene from “Yours mine and ours ” today.Couldnt help laughing !

Ridiculous! and the ‘all eight course and talking about children’ .

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Save energy..!

Today , its earth hour from 8.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m
Everyone is expected to switch off all possible electrical appliances during this hour .Hope people remember to lock their doors before attempting anything like this .
In a country like my motherland, I dont think people need a lesson on living without electricity.Its a part of their daily schedule. If people wake up early in the morning , goto bed early , all in the family have their meal on time.
Much energy will be saved on reheating the food.Electrical appliances switched off when not needed, never letting the water run,choosing to walk to the nearest departmental stores anything with just the instinct to save energy can help save a lot of energy of the people who waste most of their energy, trying to educate people on how to and why save energy, because we have been gifted with a beautiful earth and we claim no right to drain it of its resources and thats the least expected of us by the generations to come. Phew ..! thats all the energy I had to do a post.

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New Avatar !

Moving my cheese, (Blog) to WordPress !

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