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Save energy..!

Today , its earth hour from 8.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m
Everyone is expected to switch off all possible electrical appliances during this hour .Hope people remember to lock their doors before attempting anything like this .
In a country like my motherland, I dont think people need a lesson on living without electricity.Its a part of their daily schedule. If people wake up early in the morning , goto bed early , all in the family have their meal on time.
Much energy will be saved on reheating the food.Electrical appliances switched off when not needed, never letting the water run,choosing to walk to the nearest departmental stores anything with just the instinct to save energy can help save a lot of energy of the people who waste most of their energy, trying to educate people on how to and why save energy, because we have been gifted with a beautiful earth and we claim no right to drain it of its resources and thats the least expected of us by the generations to come. Phew ..! thats all the energy I had to do a post.


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